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At the Bridal Party, we believe shopping for items that will contribute to a special and personal wedding day should be an enjoyable experience.
  The Bridal Party offers a range of thoughtfully chosen items for Brides to Be, members of the Bridal Party and Guests, backed up with exceptional customer service.
  Our aim is to provide inspiration to Brides when planning their wedding décor and to provide the ‘extras’ that make the day unique and memorable. 
  If you are in need of inspiration take a look at our Décor page where we have added photos of wedding tables decorated in a number of themes from items we have sourced since opening last year. 
  We have a wide range of items and suppliers so if you have an idea for a theme or need some hard to find item get in touch to see how we can help.
  For wedding guests we have a number of gifts for the bride & groom with beautiful cards and wrapping paper.  We also have a range of handbags, jewelry and pashminas to co-ordinate with your wedding outfit.
  We look forward to meeting you in our pretty shop in Athboy and hearing about your wedding plans and how we can help you achieve your wedding day dreams. 

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